Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sompov mountain

Sompov mountain is a natural and historical resort located in Phnom Sam Pov Village, Phnom Sam Pov Commune, Banan District about 14 km from the provincial hall. Tourists can go there along the national road 57. The mountain is about 140 meters and totally 800 steps. According to the Khmer folktale Preah Chao Reachkol and Neang Romsay Sork said about the origin of the mountain included Phnom Krapeu, Phnom Kdoang, Phnom Trungmoan, Phnom Trungtea, Phnom Andeuk, Phnom Romsay Sork, and Phnom Banteay Neang and so on, called the cluster of Sam Poc Mountain. On the top of the mountain, there are temple, shrine of General Lon Nol’s
Wife, and 3 main caves Phka Sla, Lkhorn,and there were a lot of souvenir with the most well known songs from the past. When the sun nearly sets, tourists can see the flocks of baas flied out from the caves of the mountain called.

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